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milk of the poppy inspiration and symbolism

September 23, 2011

well…I will begin with the name of my little blog…the milk of the poppy is known as opium and it was used through history for medical purposes. it was mainly used for reducing pain as well as treating various illnesses, such as asthma. My shortname is pronounced the same way as poppy and i linked the title that way.

the illustration is deeply inspired by many alchemistic symbols. I lately started to search about the history of alchemy as i believe it is linked to the art of forging metal and furthermore to jewelry making. 🙂

opiumthe main figure is that of ‘ouroboros’, only i have replaced the dragon with my fox…representing recreation, related to circular notion of alchemy itself.

i’ve used

  • the triangle on the body of the fox for fire
  • the moon on the head the girl for silver, which stands furthermore for the feminine property,
  • the sun for creation, which would be incorporated  with the moon so as to assure balance. it was used in order to have the desired effects.
  • the star for re-creation on the scull of the fox.
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